Your Covid-Era Idea is too good for just one market

Your Covid-Era Idea is too good for just one market

The world is shifting under our feet. Governments are in various levels of incompetence, businesses are shutting down, and people are, for lack of a better word, panicking. But not you. In the midst of this chaos you can see a new way to solve problems. Maybe you´re selling something as complicated as a remote workforce management platform, or something as simple as straps for DIY masks. Maybe you have a company that provides remote therapy sessions.

Two of those three examples are primed for the moment, but their growth is limited. The strap provider will literally run out of supplies. They are just so many qualified therapists. However, if your transformational product is digital, then it is scalable with almost no limits. Technology platforms, SaaS, video production, design. All of it can reach the world and it’s more relevant than ever. It’s just a question of localization and access. Leaving all of that international business to one side is a self-imposed stay-at home-order, and that simply will not do.

You know this in theory. Obviously, people are cooped all over the world, and their needs are similar. You’re too busy selling in your home market, in English, to take advantage of anything else. Maybe you’re a very light operation, and you need to bring on many talented teammates to actually turn your billion-dollar idea into a reality. You could definitely save money by hiring abroad or outsourcing but… you don’t know how. Globalization just has too many challenges.

But you don’t have to go it alone. With the right partner, you can hire marketing teams, backend engineers, customer service reps, anyone you need in any language. If you are addressing a critical Covid-era service then your idea is too timely, too indispensable to be contained in one market. But remember, this isn’t really temporary. Instead, you can be the first and best of the new world. You owe it to yourself and potential customers to bring your universal solution to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. To do that you need an organization at your back that can sustain a global operation in the long term.

My company, SERVIAP, is based out of Mexico City, Mexico. Traditionally we are a global PEO, or employer of record. Basically, we rent space on our payroll so that our clients can hire employees around the world without making a subsidiary. All well and good, but no one is “expanding operations” these days. But what they are doing, is looking to save as much money as possible, and working remotely (whether they want to or not). Hence, Remote Workforce.

We recruit, hire, and source equipment for teams anywhere in the world within weeks. Need a backend developer in Bogota? We’ve got it. Russian-language customer service reps in Uzbekistan? That could be a little complicated… but we’ve got that too!

Point being, we went from an in-person global expansion company, to the ultimate remote hiring solution. We, like you, aren’t imposing a 2019 business plan in the world of 2020. We’re speaking at chambers of commerce and the Remote Work Summit. We’re working with customers we didn’t even know existed a few months ago, and we’re helping them scale at a break-neck pace. Let us help you scale without limits, and position yourself to dominate your industry in post-Covid world.

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