Expand Your Business Beyond Borders

Take your business to any place in North, Central, and South America with the help of professionals
Expand Your Business Beyond Borders

Take your business to any place in North, Central, and South America with the help of professionals serving the needs of your company to expand into new territories. It is our commitment to develop processes and technologies that simplify the challenge of any expansion, while maintaining a high experience in human quality. 

Top 5 Countries for Expansion in Latin America 


Argentina is the second-largest country in Latin America & the Caribbean, and the 148th freest economy in the world. 


Brazil has become a very popular destination for companies looking for greater business opportunities. 


Chile represents an opportunity for investors thanks to the country’s dynamic growth. 


One key advantage of expanding your business to Mexico is that they have 12 free trade agreements with 46 countries. 


Peru has become an attractive investment target, having improved its economic and stability performance. 

PEO in Latin America 

Outsourcing services to Latin America can be very beneficial to many businesses based in the U.S. However, there are many challenges and hurdles when doing this alone. In addition to a language barrier, there are many operational, organizational and logistical boundaries to overcome. Working with a reputable PEO like SERVIAP with experience in Latin America can break down those barriers. Here’s how. 

What is a PEO? 

A PEO, or a professional employment organization, works as a co-employer for your employees. When a business enlists the services of a PEO, they are basically outsourcing certain business processes, most notably payroll processing and human resources. 

Under such an agreement, the PEO assumes the legal responsibility for the payroll, benefits and taxes paid to the business’ employees. The business, meanwhile, maintains all operational control of the company. This reduces the workload for the business itself, allowing you to focus on tasks that generate revenue. 

Why Work with a PEO Company in Latin America? 

Outsourcing some services to Latin America makes a lot of sense for many U.S. businesses. One of the biggest challenges to doing so, however, is the logistics of finding quality employees, managing employees, and dealing with the tax implications of doing business overseas. 

As a leading PEO in Latin America, SERVIAP will take all of the guesswork out of the process for you. We have years of experience working in the region and a thorough understanding of the employment and tax requirements in each country. We have the experience necessary to navigate the local laws and employment regulations. Our team is also fluent in both English and Spanish, so we can communicate with the employees based in Latin America on your behalf and with your business in the U.S. 

Why Latin America is Attractive for Businesses 

Latin America presents many fantastic expansion opportunities for U.S. businesses: 

  • Cost Savings. The cost savings that can be realized by outsourcing to these countries can have a monumental impact on your bottom line. 
  • Quality of Work. You won’t have to sacrifice on the quality of work you get. Many Latin American countries are investing heavily in the education of their citizens, especially in high-tech fields. 
  • Talent Pool. There are many talented professionals in Latin America ready to perform the work you need. For instance, in Mexico, Brazil, Artentina, Chile and Colombia, there are over 938,000 professional software developers. 
  • English Speakers. There are over 20.5 million English speakers in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil alone. 
  • Reduce Turnover. By offering wages over market rate, you can attract and retain top talent. Since wages are so much lower than in the US and Europe, you can save money with the wages themselves and the cost to recruit, while having access to even better talent. 
  • Reach New Markets. Economies are growing in many Latin American countries, meaning more consumers and more opportunities for businesses to tap into previously unreached markets. With branches in these countries, you can better reach and serve your target market. 

Expand Your Business with SERVIAP 

By hiring a reputable PEO with years of experience in Latin America, you can remove all of the hurdles and doubts associated with expansion. At SERVIAP, we can help you establish your business presence in a foreign country in just two weeks. Our process is simple: 

  • Recruit. We screen the best talent, and you interview final candidates virtually. 
  • Hire. We register your new team members as our employees, 100% compliant with local laws and regulations. 
  • Equip. We find and source any equipment, internet services, and any other infrastructure you need. 
  • Manage. Your Account Executive will make changes to your team, facilitate bonuses, vacations, or anything else. Just ask and we’ll make it happen. 

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