Jamaica Tax Overview

Jamaica Tax Overview

When looking to move business operations overseas, it’s vital to ensure proper research has been done into overseas taxation. Each territory has its own way of taxing income, and you must make sure to comply with tax laws in any country in which you do business.  

This article will discuss some of the most important aspects of taxes within the Jamaican territory. 

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Jamaica Personal Taxes 

Here’s everything you need to know about personal taxes in Jamaica: 

Who is Taxed? 

Jamaican residents and non-resident individuals are taxed on any Jamaican-sourced income. Whether Jamaica taxes them on international income is dependent on their residency status. 

What is the Tax Rate? 

Individuals can expect to be subject to an income tax rate of 25% on taxable income up to $6 million JMD per year. Income tax raises to 30% on any taxable income beyond $6 million JMD per year. 

National vs. International Income 

All individuals are subject to taxes on Jamaican-sourced income, but only residents and “domiciled” individuals are taxed on worldwide income as well. Non-Jamaican residents are not taxed on foreign-sourced income.  

Capital Gains, Exemptions & Other Considerations 

The only personal deductions approved in Jamaica are Social Security and contributions to pensions. Additionally, there is currently no tax on capital gains in Jamaica. However, there is a transfer tax on the market value of certain assets transferred, including land, buildings, securities, and shares of real estate. 

Jamaica Corporate Taxes 

Here’s everything you need to know about corporate taxes in Jamaica: 

Who is Taxed? 

Any corporations residing in Jamaica are subject to taxes. Resident companies, which are companies owned and operated from Jamaica, are taxed on worldwide income. Non-resident companies with central management outside of Jamaica are only subject to taxes on Jamaican-sourced income.  

What is the Tax Rate? 

The current rates of income tax for corporations in Jamaica are as follows: 

  • 33.5% for all regulated companies  
  • 30% for building societies  

  • 25% for life assurance companies 
  • 25% for any unregulated companies.  

A regulated company is any company regulated by the Bank of Jamaica, the Financial Services Commission, the Office of Utilities Regulation, or the Ministry of Finance. If the business does not fall under the jurisdiction of these offices, it is not considered to be a “regulated” company and is entitled to a lower corporate tax rate. 

It’s important to note that income tax is only exercised at the national level; there are no local income taxes in Jamaica, so only one filing is necessary. 

What is Taxable Income? 

Taxable income is determined by income type in Jamaica, with each type being taxed at different rates. These income types include the following:  

  • Inventory valuation 

  • Dividend income, subject to 15% tax rate 
  • Interest income, subject to 25% tax rate 
  • Royalty income 
  • Foreign income 

It makes sense to keep track of your different income sources for tax purposes. 

Tax Incentives & Deductions 

There are several deductions and tax credits available under the following legislation:  

  • The Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Act 

  • The Urban Renewal (Tax Relief) Act 
  • The Income Tax Act (Junior Stock Market Companies) 
  • The Income Tax Relief (Large-Scale Projects & Pioneer Industries) Act 
  • The Bauxite and Alumina Industries (Encouragement) Act 
  • The Charities Act 

Depending on the services and needs of your business, your corporation may be eligible for several tax deductions in Jamaica.  

Jamaica VAT Taxes 

Value-added taxes, better known as VAT taxes, are a common form of consumption tax. The value-added portion is the difference between a business’ sales and its cost of purchasing services or goods from another business. Here’s what you need to know about VAT taxes in Jamaica:  

Who is Taxed? 

Any provider of services that needs goods and services imported from outside Jamaican territory is deemed liable for VAT. Many items are exempt from these VAT charges, including basic food items, prescription medicines, certain medical supplies, some construction services, and more. 

What is the Tax Rate? 

The standard rate in Jamaica is 15%. Higher or lower rates of VAT are applicable depending on the goods and services imported.  

Is Jamaica Right for Your Business? 

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