Redefining PEO Services and Human Capital in Latin America

Redefining PEO Services and Human Capital in Latin America

SERVIAP is a leader in the PEO industry throughout Latin America. By serving as the legal employer, but allowing their clients complete control, SERVIAP has offered complete human capital solutions for over 10 years. Click hear to learn about how they do it:.

SERVIAP: Redefining PEO Services and Human Capital in Latin America

SERVIAP is a proudly Latin American company with global ambitions.  We are a professional employer organization (PEO), payroll, and HR business process outsourcing company, based in Mexico City, Mexico. A full-service PEO, we assume all legal responsibility for the taxes, benefits, and payroll for your employees, while you have operational control. We can recruit, place, and administer teams of virtually any profession in as little as two weeks. SERVIAP offers its PEO services in Mexico, of course. But also have full PEO operations in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Colombia.

We have over 10 years’ experience in the Latin American PEO market. An employer of record in our region must always have a balance of communication between foreign and locals. Our staff are almost all native Spanish speakers and our customer account executives are fluent in English. We have legal entities throughout the Americas, offering standard service and pricing. The advantages of expanding globally are often weighed down in our region by bureaucracy and complicated compliance, but we know exactly how to address those issues.

Our international clients recognize that there is no substitute for local knowledge, which is why we always hire experienced professionals in the countries in which we operate. That’s how SERVIAP takes the incredibly complicated work of operating in a new market and cuts it down to size. Many “global PEOs” are in fact using a network of partners, and there are several layers between you and the employee. SERVIAP commits to serving you directly whenever possible.

When a foreign company tries going it alone, the process of incorporation and hiring, which requires half a dozen consultants, thousands of dollars and months of time, looks a little like this:

But with the help of SERVIAP, which has all relevant experts in-house, and already has a network of vendors for equipment and offices, your journey to building a new team looks like this:

We have achieved these capabilities through 10 years in the industry doing right by our trusted partners and clients. Like many family businesses, we have always brought hard work and enthusiasm to our projects, growing from word of mouth. We’ve had great technology and payroll experience from the start, supported for years by Guillermina Pérez, experimental accountant, full of leadership and vision. She helped guide us through our first seven years. In collaboration with Daniel Anaya, the mind behind the Payroll and HR Software used since the first moment, with them we built a solid base for growth and success. Our PEO services in Latin America have always been based on innovation and ambition.

In the beginning, SERVIAP served Mexican clients, and soon experimented in the international PEO industry. In that world, we have built a reputation for those in the know, and we’re on the cusp of building an international brand: If you need to go to Latin America, go with SERVIAP. From one dedicated team to another, talk to us about how we can help you reach new customers, talent, and growth.

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