SERVIAP, 10 years making history

SERVIAP, 10 years making history

SERVIAP, 10 years making history

SERVIAP is getting ready to celebrate its first 10 years in the PEO industry and we’re looking forward to many more

The 27th of May is a day to remember for our company, celebrating 10 years of existence. In that time, we’ve made innumerable memories and experiences, with many lessons learned along the way.

The history of SERVIAP, like many family businesses, comes with hard work and enthusiasm to achieve great things. We’ve had great technology and payroll experience from the start, supported for years by Guillermina Pérez, experimental accountant, full of leadership and vision. She helped guide us through our first seven years. In collaboration with David Anaya, one of the cofounders, we built a solid base for growth and success.

In the beginning, SERVIAP served Mexican clients, and soon experimented in the international PEO industry, which at that time was not common here. In addition to this new model, SERVIAP has strived to constantly improve processes, meeting and exceeding the demands of our global clientele.

I have had the good fortune to be present in the struggles and triumphs of the organization. I have also gladly hired many talented professionals who continue to offer solutions with the timeliness and quality that our international clients, ever-more demanding, expect.

With 10 years in Mexico, SERVIAP also celebrates the incorporation of our offices in Argentina, Chile, Peru, and most recently, Brazil. As we look towards the future we will:
1. Consolidate to become the standard-bearer for PEO services in Latin America
2. Provide technological tools that allow our clients and commercial partners to count on valuable information in real time, at any moment
3. Shore up our payroll services in Mexico and begin providing those services throughout the Americas

Everyone we have accomplished wouldn’t have been possible without the trust and support of our clients and commercial partners. They are businesses and people who have put their trust in us, allowing us to reach our current success, and they enthusiastically support us to achieve and exceed our goals. Even more than that, I thank the SERVIAP team, coworkers who give their best even in difficult times and who show us that without a doubt, human capital is the most valuable part of any organization.

Victor Anaya
Cofounder and Managing Director

Happily, and with enthusiasm, let’s go for the next 10 years!

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