Find the best talent in the world. Literally

You want the most qualified people for the job. We make it happen. We find and screen candidates on your behalf based on your specific needs, making sure you only get the absolute best.

What do we do

We help our clients hire employees from all across the world. We take responsibility for recruiting, screening, and interviewing while also providing the tools they need to create compelling and attractive job offers that stand out from the competition.

How do we do it

First, it’s important for us to fully understand your hiring needs before beginning the recruitment process. For example, will your employees be working from home, office, or both?

We then go over the salary and benefits package you are prepared to offer new hires. We’d be happy to assist you in any matter regarding local research and cost estimations at this point.

Here’s a summarized look into our recruitment process

Job post-placement

You hand us the job description including desired experience, requirements and expectations. We make sure to share the job post on various channels, allowing prospective candidates a few days to submit their applications.

Preliminary screening

Once we start getting applications, we review them one by one to make sure they meet your basic requirements. Then we select the most qualified candidates and schedule video interviews with them.

In-depth candidate interview

We interview candidates via face-to-face video and evaluate their skills in real-time to ensure they hold the desired qualities and expertise. We conduct most interviews in English to measure language proficiency.

Evaluation and reporting

We then generate and send you a detailed report with our observations and descriptions based on the information gathered from the candidate’s resume, cover letter and interview. If at this stage you feel like interviewing the candidate yourself, we can schedule a 1:1 interview between the two of you.

Job offer and contract signing

Once you’ve decided on a candidate, we start drafting a service order holding the terms of employment for you to sign and approve. This allows us to create the job offer and subsequent employment contract in compliance with local laws so your new hire can start working for you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, as your EOR we can legally hire employees on your behalf based on your specific requeriments.

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