Global Hiring Made Easy - EOR & Global PEO

Hire internationally and build a global team with all the advantages of a fully established entity, minus the risks and time-consuming processes

Build an international presence with Serviap

We handle the entire employement process through our advanced EOR and PEO solutions so you can focus on reaching your business goals

What do we do?

From compliance, to recruiting, hiring, and HR management, we handle the entire employment process on your behalf. All the while, your new employee is working for your business, just like any other member of your team.

How do we do it?

We work alongside our strategic partners or directly through our Serviap-owned entities

How does this benefit you?

Let’s face it: opening a legal entity abroad is a long and tiring process, not to mention expensive and risky. We apply our advanced PEO and EOR solutions to save you the time and resources it would take you to find lawyers, accountants, and HR consultants on your own.

Expand beyond borders with Serviap Global

Build an international presence, hire top-tier talent, manage and pay your global teams and more.

Why Serviap Global

Our 10+ years of experience and global expertise make us your only global expansion solution

Premium Support

No matter how big or small, we are ready to answer all your questions- anytime, anywhere.

Top-tier Benefits Packages

Great talent deserves great benefits. We offer a competitive range of benefits so that you only attract top-tier talent worldwide.

A single point of contact

We assign you a personal customer service executive, while providing your employees with a local Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP)

Nyrh Cloud

Find all your employee’s information, reports, and live chat with customer service on our NYRH Cloud® platform

Reduce costs

We take care of hiring your international employees, saving you the time and money it would cost you to open your own legal branch

Unmatched expertise

Benefit from our teams of in-country experts you can trust to help you navigate new markets

Global talent recruiting

Based on your specific needs, we find and screen candidates on your behalf, making sure you only get the absolute best.

Specialists with experience

Expand wherever your goals take you. Rest assured you’re in good hands

Risk reduction

Shift the worry from your shoulders to ours! We stay on top of regulations so you’re always 100% complaint with local laws

Frequently asked questions

An Employer of Record or EOR is an organization that takes full responsibility for the financial and legal procedures needed to expand operations abroad. It handles processes like payroll management, employee benefits administration, and taxes on your behalf.
We offer over 10 years of strong EOR and PEO experience, combined with a powerful regional network and deep local cultural awareness. No matter the size of your business, we can fuel its success by hiring the best global talent and outsourcing anywhere in the world.
No, you don’t. As your Global PEO and EOR provider, we handle all the required paperwork for your business expansion.
If you’re ready to start expanding your business with us click on the “Get started” button in your top right corner and fill out a quick contact form. Our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Yes, as your EOR we can legally hire employees on your behalf based on your specific requeriments. Read more about our Global Talent Acquisition process here.

We only offer our HR platform as part of our Global EOR and PEO services.
We pride ourselves on offering personalized service to each of our customers. Our fees vary depending on the specific needs of our clients. Contact us for more information on how we can help you expand your business today.