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Borders are no longer barriers.

Building a global company starts with sourcing top international talent. Recruit the right workers for your needs, screen and
interview candidates to find the best fit, and develop competitive job offers—anywhere in the world.

Established Global Infrastructure

Exceed your global recruiting goals with our unmatched global reach in over 185 countries, across a multitude of industry verticals.

Direct Local Search

Receive local recruiting support and invaluable insights into cultural and market nuances to ensure you find top talent in your target countries.

Recruiting Process Outsourcing

Increase efficiency and stay focused on running your business while we help you hire the world’s brightest talent.

Customizable Solution

Stay flexible and personalize your global recruiting experience with prescreening, interview assistance or candidate testing.

Our global employment solution is powered by:

Our entities

Our financial stability

Our technology

Our expertise

Talent in days not months

Traditionally, to hire someone in another country, you need to set up a business entity. We already have our own in nearly every country in the world, so you don’t need to spend months—or even a year—working with attorneys, banks, and other advisors to get international talent up and running. With us, it’s only a matter of days. Once you find a candidate to hire, our team will manage the onboarding process in accordance with local mandates.

Not only will your employee(s) start working in a fraction of the time it would normally take, but you also won’t have to handle any of the legal, tax, or HR burdens that come with the territory.

Offers in line with local norms and laws.

As your international benefits administrator, we handle the many complexities of country-specific benefits packages. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy or offering because every country has its own requirements. And managing employee benefits becomes more difficult if your business continues to grow.

Our insight into local markets helps you understand what your talent expects to be paid. Then, we design benefits packages that are in line with what local employers are required to offer, a key part of ensuring your employment contracts are compliant.

Employment contracts customized to comply.

We shoulder the risk for you when you trust us with onboarding your international workforce. Because labor laws are so strictly enforced across the globe, going it alone or doing it incorrectly could expose you to fines, penalties, and litigation.

We prepare contracts that are always in compliance in every country you wish to hire, so you can have as much confidence as you do speed to market.