Visas and immigration

Relocate your entire global team with Serviap’s all-in-one solution.

What do we do?

When it comes to global expansion, ensuring your international employees are properly registered and paying local taxes is crucial. In most cases, a work visa is required for foreign nationals within a new country.

Our visa team can act as an all-in-one concierge and immigration lawyer to guide your foreign employees through the often confusing and difficult process of moving to a new country. To guarantee total compliance, we only extend our Visa services as part of an EOR contract.

Here are some of the services we offer as part of our Visa and Immigration solution:

  • Temporary residency with at least 1 year of coverage along with renewals.
  • You pay a single flat fee which includes government filing and lawyers’ fees
  • Concierge assistance for applications, appointments, etc
  • Apartment hunting *
  • Travel logistics *

* Optional

How we do it?

At Serviap Global we work hard to ensure your employees’ safe and prompt relocation. In summary. Here’s our process:

As part of our EOR services, we send an offer letter to your selected candidate

Once they sign the offer, we contact them to gather the required information for their visa application

We draft the initial visa application and submit it to relevant immigration authorities

Once the application has been accepted, we schedule an appointment for your candidate at a consulate outside of the destination country

Your candidate attends the consular appointment and receives approval from the host government

The candidate is scheduled for their final immigration appointment within the destination country. They receive final approval from the host government

Once their visa has been approved, your new employee can start working in full compliance with local laws and regulations as an EOR-hired employee